Bachelor of Arts


About the B.A

Bachelor of Arts (B.A., BA or A.B.), from the Latin Artium Baccalaureus is an undergraduate bachelor's degree awarded for either a course or a program in the liberal arts or the sciences, or both.When it comes to making a career it is for sure that the arts students stand a better chance than their science counterparts. More time on hand as no extra time is spent in practical, lab work record work, specimen collection. Moreover an arts student is, inclined towards external world than strict theoretical discipline and hence can enhance general knowledge better than others.

Diplomas generally give the name of the institution, signatures of officials of the institution (generally the president or rector of the university as well as the secretary or dean of the component college), the type of degree conferred, the conferring authority and the location at which the degree is conferred. Degree diplomas generally are printed on high quality paper or parchment; Individual institutions set the preferred abbreviation for their degrees.

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