Bachelor of Architecture


About the B.Arch

Architecture is the study dealing with planning and designing of building and structures. Architects engage in designing of a variety of structures including houses, apartments and colonies, offices and industrial complexes, hospitals, hotels, airport terminals, sadist, shopping and commercial complexes, schools, etc. The course of study of the Bachelor of Architecture includes studio courses on design and aesthetic theory, as well as practical courses on structures, building mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing and construction. Student work is often in the form of drawings and renderings, either through computer-aided design or drafting by hand. Architecture is a social art that touches all human beings at all levels of their existence everywhere and everyday. This is the only discipline, which encompasses the four major fields of human endeavor : Humanities, Science, Art, and Technology, actually putting into practice the professional inputs drawn from them. In sum, Architecture is the matrix of human civilization - an authentic measure of the social status, and an evocative expression of the ethos of an era. When conserved, it is heritage and when in ruins, it becomes archaeology, reconstructing tell-tale pictures of the past civilizations.

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