Associate Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy

Associate Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy



About the A.D.C.A

The Associate Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy(ADCA) Course consists of five in-house modules. Four are of 5 days each and the fifth module is 4 days, plus home study and practice relevant to each module. In addition a qualification in anatomy and physiology is required (there may be exemption from the A&P modules if the student already holds a relevant qualification). A First Aid certificate is also required by the end of the course and is included in Module 5. The minimum period for the completion of this course is 12 months: the time usually taken is 18 - 24 months. The maximum time recommended for completion is 48 months. To secure the practical and theoretical skills learned during the day, homework may be given to assist the students during the evenings of the course. Comprehensive course notes and handouts are given out for each module. Treatment couches, towels, essential oils, carrier oils, and other aromatherapy products used during the course are provided. Textbooks, accommodation and food are not included in the fees.


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