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Tripura University

Suryamaninagar ,India


About the TU

Tripura university epitomizes the aspirations of the state's people for academic excellence at the highest level and quest for knowledge. It is axiomatic that knowledge alone forms the basis of progress and development in the present internet-driven world. What, however, is of crucial importance is successful dissemination of knowledge and making it easily accessible to learners. With its cryptic motto 'pursuit of excellence' Tripura university has dedicated itself to this noble task ever since it had been launched on October 2 1987. The dream of the state's people had come true on the birth anniversary day of the 'Father of the Nation'. A flash-back to the historical background of the university sheds fascinating light on the series of developments that culminated in the setting up of the university. The state's first institution of higher education, MBB college, had commenced functioning from 1947 with affiliation from Calcutta University but in the immediate aftermath of partition the population of the state registered a steep growth and so did the number of students aspiring for higher education.

Since the late sixties of last century student movements within Tripura consistently focused on the demand for expansion of opportunities for higher education and setting of Tripura's own university. Responding to rising demands Calcutta University authority agreed to have post-graduate classes on History, Mathematics and Economics held in MBB college and in 1976 University Grants Commission (UGC) formally recognized this as Calcutta University Post Graduate Centre (CUPGC).

At present Tripura University provides post-graduate courses on sixteen subjects while the various Departments, Directorates and Centres within it provide 38 degree courses. All twenty four general and technical colleges within the state are affiliated with Tripura University which is now the veritable nerve centre of the state's higher education, enjoying the highest possible autonomy in all matters.


Tripura University,
Suryamaninagar,Tripura - 799130

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