CBSE Class 10 Result Today: How To Handle Post-Result Stress?

CBSE post-result counselling program will be open till June 9, 2018.

CBSE Class 10 Result Today: How To Handle Post-Result Stress?

NEW DELHI:  Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will declare the class 10 results today at 4pm. Students have been anxious since yesterday after the result date was officially announced. School Education Secretary in HRD Ministry, Anil Swarup has wished good luck to all students. 'All the best to CBSE students of class 10. You have done your bit. Let not the results make you nervous because you have no control over them.  You can't do anything now. You will reap the fruits of what you have sown. Be contented with what you get. And then, build your future,' he tweeted early this morning for all the students who waiting anxiously for their results.

CBSE Post-Result Counselling
The annual outreach programme of CBSE, to provide tele-counselling to students post-result declaration will be open till June 9, 2018. The tele-counselling team comprises of 69 expert volunteers: Principals, trained counsellors, special educators and psychologist. Out of these, 20 experts are located in Nepal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore and Qatar. Students can contact the CBSE post-result counselling team through a Centralized Access System by dialing toll free number 1800118004.

Apart from this students can also go through the techniques to cope with result related anxiety available on the official website

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