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Animation field offers a lot of exciting and interesting opportunities to the students. A students aspiring to join animation field requires possessing artistic skills as well as needs to be familiar with recent computer animation technologies. There are several career paths available for animators. The services of an animator are required in companies engaged in animations, video games, online advertisements, television, movies and websites. On this channel you will find information about various programs and careers available for you in the animation stream after completion of (10+2). Real and life like features of characters created through Animation can only be restricted by the creator's imagination. animation is a complete teamwork and ideally depends on the creative ideas. animation itself is a combination of wide variety of career combinations. The various steps included in the making of a animation movie consists of: Story - Story Boarding, Character Sketch, Concept creation, Modeling, Environments, Rigging, Character and Mechanical Animation, Storyboard Animation, Lighting, Texturing, Dynamics, Voice Recording, Digital Editing, Vfx and Final Film So possible career prospects could differ like a Modeler, Layout artist, Clean-up artist, Scanner operator, Digital ink and paint artist, Compositor, Key frame animator, Background artist etc. Every role is crucial for the successful creation of the Animated project.


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