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The Advanced Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) provides an object-oriented, distributed and cross-platform framework for developing and deploying robust, secure and scalable E-Business and E-Commerce applications. In this course, you will master advanced concepts, design strategies and implementation techniques for building highly efficient and maintainable production-strength J2EE based systems. This course may be delivered on Rational Application Developer 6.0, WSAD 5.1.2, or WebLogic Server 8.x. Please contact us if you need delvery on other platforms. Objectives This course teaches an advanced set of concepts and technologies of the J2EE platform with an emphasis in the areas of performance, security, distributed transactions, advanced persistence mapping of components, asynchronous components and Web tier architecture. On completion, attendees would be able to:

  •     Configuring application server's security settings to support   J2EE's declarative security features
  •     Develop portable and extensible security features in a J2EE application using JAAS
  •     Master the transaction model in J2EE to develop applications that span transactions over multiple transactional resources
  •     Master the EJB QL query language to implement custom finders and ejbSelect ejbHome methods
  •     Design and implement asynchronous enterprise components using the Message-Driven Bean
  •     Master the J2EE Connector 1.5 architecture
  •     Design and implement a model-2 framework for the Web tier.



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