Media Village - Kerala

Media Village - Kerala

Kottayam ,India


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Media Village, Kochi is the ultimate place to be enveloped in an inspiring ambience, Media Village offers a one-stop solution to all their needs related to IT, Communication, Media and Entertainment.Media Village is dedicated to the nation in order to provide right media vision to all with a well set goal of creating a value based media culture. It aims at bringing together all activities of various media under one roof, so that the fine flow of ideas among various media professionals lead to artistic and professional resolution. Media Village has evolved strength, by meeting the challenge of the global village and further empowering their educational and practical training programmes in order to make them more responsive to the market realities.Media Village offers a unique confluence of advantages, not found elsewhere in comparable destinations in India - robust and failsafe physical infrastructure, power and data connectivity; highly trained technical manpower; most flexible regulatory framework; best incentives, and the best law and order environment in India . All this at effectively one-third of the operational cost of other comparable locations in India .


Media Village - Kerala
Media Village , Kurisummood. P.O, Changanassery,Kottayam,Kerala, - 686104

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